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  • We currently have a full time H/D (Heavy/Duty) wrecker driver position open, Anyone interested should apply in person. MUST be willing to work overtime. Maybe even an overnight trip. Will train the right person. Must be able to drive manual transmission. Clean driving record. Good job history. Job would include running light duty trucks as well. Must be able to pass a background check and drug test. Mechanical aptitude helpful. Salary based on qualifications.
  • It's not a job, it's a lifestyle!


    Sean N April Miller

    A Wrecker Drivers Wife 4/24/14 I am a Wrecker Drivers Wife. It's 9:00pm on a Stormy night. The kids are tucked in their beds. Stories have been read, prayers have been said, and teeth have been brushed. I have picked up the scattered toys in the hallway and washed the last of the dishes in the sink. There is nothing left to keep me busy. Now I sit alone, thinking about my husband, praying for him. A Wrecker Drivers wife is alone a lot of nights, with no company but her thoughts. You look around at other wives whose husbands come home in time for dinner, and they know they have him until the next morning. Not a Wrecker Drivers Wife. You never know when he is going to come in the door, or how long u have with him before he's gone again. Some nights you fall asleep alone, and some mornings you wake up alone. It's difficult being a Wrecker Drivers Wife. Maybe it's knowing he's on the side of the road every day risking his life. Maybe it's because I don't have him as much as I want him. Maybe it's a combination of both. I know he will never walk out the door without telling me he loves me. I know I will always hold him a little tighter, and kiss him a little longer. I don't know a man who is as unselfish, or works harder than my husband. He makes many sacrifices, as do I. Together we're a team. No one should underestimate the pride and strength of a Wrecker Driver........OR HIS WIFE !!!!April Miller Feel free to repost.
  • Great job this afternoon Tyler Rick, Keith Groff, Eric Bauer, R. B. Christel Excavating's David Henderson, and Lee Schoenly.

    Train vs. tractor trailer at railroad crossing in Topton
    A tractor trailer and a car came to a crashing halt on the railroad tracks in Topton late Wednesday afternoon.
  • Thanks to Topton Fire Company for the help with the truck crash today in Topton. Thanks for sticking around with the lighting! It made things a lot safer.
  • Thanks to the Hereford Fire Company for helping us with the truck crash today.
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